Thank you, Rita Jackson

Thank you, Rita Jackson

Rita Jackson is a true pillar of the community. From civic-minded citizen, volunteer, educator and more, her philanthropic influence is felt throughout Miami County and beyond.

Rita has been an ambassador for the Miami County Community Foundation by serving on several boards and committees, as well as supporting local nonprofits with financial contributions to community funds. These community funds grant to organizations that work to make Miami County a better community. She also worked as a mathematics instructor, Director of General Education, Academic Dean, and Executive Director of Technology for Ivy Tech Community College. Rita’s great passion for education is reflected in her support for preschool scholarships as well as working in higher education.

As a small act of gratitude and appreciation for Rita, the Miami County Community Foundation planted a tree on Ivy Tech’s campus. Just like Rita’s generosity and passion for her community, the tree’s roots will continue to spread and prosper in Miami County, growing far into the future.

Thank you, Rita Jackson, for all you’ve done for our community!

Rita with the sign she donated for the NICF headquarters in Rochester, IN.