Fulton County Grants

The Community Foundation has no deadline for many of their applications. Those seeking grant dollars for Sustainability, Impact, or Community Grants may submit applications at any time. A “Sustainability Award” is a $5,000 endowment grant awarded to Fulton County nonprofits to encourage donations to their own permanent endowment fund. Impact Grants are for large project up to $40,000 designed to support organizations planning a new project, program, or services. Charitable organizations must first submit a Letter of Intent. Community Support Grants are several hundred to several thousand dollars and awarded to many organizations and provide support throughout the community.

No application deadline

Review the Grant Guidelines to make sure your project falls within the Community Foundation’s area of granting. We accept proposals on a continuous basis.

Many Grant Options

The Community Foundation has grants for specific regions of Fulton County, grants  awarded by local women, area youth, and we also work  with  agencies to promote their programs.

See the complete list of these grants below and look for specific deadlines.

“The Community Foundation supports all areas of Fulton County with meaningful project dollars.”

Nancy Day – Grant Committee

Corinne Becknell Lucas

Associate Director

Phone: 574-223-2229
Email: corinne@nicf.org

More Grant Options

Fulton County Health and Wellness Grant: supports local charitable public health organizations or programs that focus on the health and wellness of the residents of Fulton County, Indiana. There is $5,000 available. Grant dollars are made possible by the Brent L. Blacketor Memorial Fund and the Hope Hospice Legacy Fund. The 2018 application deadline has passed.

Kewanna-Union Township Endowment Fund: was created in 2010 to support charitable programs and projects within the Kewanna-Union Township community. Local businesses, residents and supporters of Kewanna-Union Township continue to contribute funds to make these grants possible. There is $2,500 available to grant. Grants may be given to many different organizations, or only one or two depending on the applications received. Don’t hesitate to apply even if you only need a few hundred dollars for your project. The 2018 application deadline has passed.

The Girls Giving Gang: a sister project of the Women’s Giving Circle, this group of local girls and teens are making a difference and plan to support local projects that effect them and their peers. They first got together in the Fall of 2017 and got their feet wet with awarding several grants. In 2018, they plan do even more. More info coming soon!

Adapted Housing Grant: are available to any Veteran discharged under honorable conditions with a DD Form 214. Applicant must be a resident of Fulton County, Indiana, living in the home associated with the proposed project. This grant program exists to help Veterans live independently in a barrier-free environment. Provided by the Leroy C. Shelton American Legion Post #36 – Rochester, Indiana.   Get the application.

Fulton County REMC Operation Round-Up©: a voluntary fundraising program where Fulton County REMC members donate the spare change on their energy bill to help those in need throughout the community. With an average donation of only $6.00 per year, and never more than 99 cents a month, members make a small investment that pays big dividends in the community. Deadline dates are: January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, October 1st.   Get the application.

Fulton County Women’s Giving Circle: The Mission of the Women’s Giving Circle is: “to inspire Fulton County women to create a better community.” Through annual dues, local woman make grants to local charitable organizations. The Giving Circle awards 4-5 grants per year ranging from $500 – $2,000.  The 2018 application deadline has passed.

Fulton County Projects Supported by Unrestricted Community Funds

Learn more about the NICF

Fulton County celebrates #GivingTuesday

The Fulton County Community Foundation celebrated #GivingTuesday on November 28th with a live broadcast on WROI. The FCCF also invited community members to stop by the office for holiday food and a video showing all of 2017 grants awarded. An amazing $80,770 was given donated and $41,990 of that was matched $1 for $1 by the FCCF for Community Funds. All gifts will help to improve the quality of life in Fulton County.

Fulton County Women’s Giving Circle Awards Yearly Grants

Members of the Giving Circle voted for their favorite programs and initiatives to receive  funds from dues and a growing endowment fund.  The Fulton County Park and Recreation Board, The Heartery, Inc., Fulton County Leadership Academy, and the Fulton County Community Center shared in the $5,500 that was awarded.

The FCCF Has Awarded $93,150 in Grants So Far in 2017

Since we removed deadlines from many of our grant applications, we are able to help organizations when they need it most. We’re excited to see how our grantees put the dollars to good use throughout the year and the impact this will have on the community.