Starke County Grants

Community Foundation Annual Grants

Our new grant application system is here! The application link will take you to a  to a page that lists grant opportunities for all three counties. Please read the grant info page (below) to learn more about the Starke County grant opportunities.

Corinne Becknell Lucas

Associate Director

Phone: 574-223-2229

Starke County Projects Supported by Unrestricted Community Funds

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The 2022 Hive Awards Grants!

Members of The Hive voted for their favorite programs through a video grant application in 2022.  Winning agencies were: $3,000 to the North Judson-Wayne Township Fire Department for gear upgrades; $2,000 for summer fieldtrip costs at The Starke County Youth Club; $1,500 to the Knox Community Elementary Science Department for microscopes & STEM equipment; $1,500 to Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry to help supply meat to the local food pantries.