Miami County Grants

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are focusing our Impact and Community Support Grants on local health and human service interests to help local people get the resources they need.  When applying for a grant, please consider how your request can benefit people in Miami County who are struggling to meet their daily needs. Thanks for your cooperation and help as we deal with this situation together.

No application deadline

Review the Grant Guidelines to make sure your project falls within the Community Foundation’s area of granting. We accept proposals on a continuous basis.

Many Grant Options

The Community foundation has grants awarded by local women for local charitable causes. There is also a grant for dance students, and we work  with  Miami/Cass REMC’s OperationRoundup grant program.

See the complete list of these grants below and look for specific deadlines.

“Selfless giving is the art of living.”– Frederic Lenz

Corinne Becknell Lucas

Associate Director

Phone: 574-223-2229

More Grant Applications

The Boomerang Sisterhood: The Mission of the Boomerang Sisterhood is: “to inspire Miami County women to reach their full potential to create a better society.” Through annual dues, local woman make grants to local charitable organizations. The Sisterhood awards 4-5 grants per year ranging from $500 – $2,000.  Application available September 2020.

Miami/Cass REMC Operation Round-Up©: a voluntary fundraising program where local REMC members donate the spare change on their energy bill to help those in need throughout the community. With an average donation of only $6.00 per year, and never more than 99 cents a month, members make a small investment that pays big dividends in the community. Deadline dates are: March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, and December 31st.      Get the application.

Miami County Projects Supported by Unrestricted Community Funds
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Boomerang Sisterhood Celebrates 13 Years of Giving!

Recipients in 2020 were Miami County Helping Hands, Mad Anthonys Children’s Hope House, North Miami Strengthening Families Program, Miami County Worth Remembering.

Miami County Awards $78,000 in Community Support Grants

Notable grants in 2020 were: NICF Preschool Program; St. Vincent de Paul Society of Peru; Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry; YMCA for new facility and water fountain at Eck Park; Miami County Amateur Radio Club; Mexico Fie Association and Area Five Agency on Aging.