Supporting the Future

Supporting the Future

The Simon Deeb Scholarship Fund was created to honor the legacy of the long-time Rochester High School Ag teacher.

One major component of the work of the Fulton County Community Foundation (FCCF) is the awarding of scholarships to Fulton County students. The establishment of scholarships has been a popular philanthropic choice among our donors because it allows them to support students in endeavors that the donors themselves may have been passionate about. Additionally, scholarships assist the whole community by furthering the education of our community’s future leaders.

In total, the FCCF holds 71 scholarship funds and has granted nearly $2 million in scholarships to Fulton County students. The Fulton County Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship is also given through the FCCF. Since 1998, the FCCF has named 37 Fulton County Lilly Scholars, totaling nearly $3 million.

The Harold E. and Neva Funk Mikesell Scholarship is one that was formed through a planned gift. Harold and Neva Mikesell worked for many years in the community—Neva as a school teacher and Harold as a farmer. The couple had an abiding belief in further education for the development and wellbeing of the youth of our community. Their scholarship supports graduating seniors residing in Aubbeenaubbee, Wayne, Liberty, Rochester, and Union townships.

Another scholarship, the Simon Deeb Scholarship Fund was created in honor of long-time Rochester High School agriculture teacher, Simon Deeb, by his friends and family. The late Mr. Deeb received many honors as a teacher and has been credited for making the Rochester High School agriculture department one of the most successful in Indiana. His scholarship assists students who are pursuing a degree in agriculture.

Some fund founders have established scholarship funds that are exclusive to non-traditional students. These funds help community members who are not high school seniors to achieve a college education. An example is the Frederick Rakestraw Law Scholarship Fund, which is awarded to students currently enrolled in a graduate program at a School of Law and who were residents of Fulton County for at least three years during their high school career. The FCCF holds 8 scholarship funds that assist non-traditional students. Another unique scholarship is the Elizabeth V. Babcock Scholarship Fund. This scholarship not only provides assistance for graduating Rochester High School seniors, but it also provides funding for Rochester High School students taking dual credit classes.

The FCCF holds so many different scholarship funds. Some of our scholarship fund founders simply care about helping students obtain a higher education and enhancing the level of scholarship in our community. Others specifically wish to assist and encourage students who want to study education, the medical field, agriculture, or some other particular path of study. Our scholarship funds provide flexibility for donors to support what they care about most. All FCCF scholarships help improve the quality of life in Fulton County by providing assistance to the future leaders of our community.