Quilting Bee

02 Jul Quilting Bee

On June 28th, the Miami County Community Foundation (MCCF) hosted a quilting bee at Grateful Earth Farm to not only discuss the successes and hopes for the Community Foundation but to show gratitude for some of the women who have helped MCCF succeed. This group of community-minded women gathered to paint barn quilts while discussing the work Miami County Community Foundation has been up too as well as highlighting other local nonprofit organizations.

Much like a quilt the MCCF is a patchwork of endowments created to benefit our community. These endowments allow us to do three simples things: help people invest in causes that matter most to them, award grants to nonprofits that benefit Miami County, and provide leadership to make Miami County a more beautiful and equitable community – through programs that engage local emerging leaders to increase awareness of resources and issues. The Community Foundation is so grateful for the women that were gathered on this day who have helped stitch together a tapestry of giving and service.