North Miami Band Gets a Tune-up

North Miami Band Gets a Tune-up

May 23, 2022

Dr. Don & Mrs. Jean Musselman established a Donor Advised Fund in 2013 to provide support for charitable programs and activities with special consideration given to arts & science in Miami County as well as North Miami High School. So when the North Miami’s Band needed instruments repairs and a new tuba, their need fit right into the mission of the Musselman Family Fund.

“Many people don’t realize this, but music programs in schools are expensive,” says North Miami Band Director Sarah McBride, “When I got the phone call from Heidi Wright at NICF about a donor wanting to help support our band program, I was beyond thrilled.”

Prior to receiving these funds, McBride said she had considered borrowing a friend’s tuba for the next school year to ensure students had an opportunity to play. With a limited budget reserved for repairs and tunings each year, new instruments are few and far between.

“I could not be more happy and grateful for the look on my students’ faces alone. Thank you to the Musselmans, to the NICF, as well as our community! We could not do what we do without you!”

A Donor Advised Fund operates by allowing the donor, who established the fund, to assist in charity selection each year. Interested in learning about how you can give you to your community? Learn more here

Don & Jean Musselman

North Miami Band’s new tuba

Karise Kabage (North Miami Assistant Principal), Heidi Wright (MCCF Director of Development), and Sarah McBride (North Miami Band and Choir Director)