For MCCF Donor Advisors

We’ve created this page to help you support charitable organizations and causes you care about.

Donor Advised Request Form Page

Contact Heidi Wright with any questions, and to check on the status of a project you want to support. Phone: 765.475.2859. (for donors making grant determinations from donor advised funds)

Then complete the online Donor Advised Request Form

Grant Applications Received

Honeywell Center – Art Education Programming. Learn more
MC Helping Hands – Project Brighter Tomorrow. Learn more
Advocacy Links MC – Program Support. Learn more
Converse Volunteer Fire CO Inc – SCBA (Airpack). Learn more
Food Finders – MC Mobile Pantries. Learn more
Intrepid Phoenix – Recovers support. Learn more
MC Artisan Gallery – Peru Visual Art Festival. Learn more
Pipe Creek FD – AED units. Learn more

Ideas and thoughts about needs on our community.

Preschool scholarships:  We have a partnership with local preschools, schools and other organizations,to offer preschool scholarships for the children of Fulton, Miami and Starke Counties.

The goal of the program is to make one year of preschool education affordable to every child in our counties. Need-based scholarships are available to families of four-year-old children.

Any amount you are willing to give would help in the important mission. See the latest data sheet on the children and families we has supported.