Memorial Day Pop-Up Grant

Memorial Day Pop-Up Grant

Members of Miami County Military Rites accepted a pop-up grant from MCCF board member Rita Jackson (left) and MCCF President Marcia Minard (right).

Memorial Day is a time to honor and remember fallen soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice in order to protect our county. Throughout 2018, the Miami County Community Foundation (MCCF) has been celebrating its 25th anniversary by giving away surprise pop-up grants to local non-profit, charitable organizations.

In honor of Memorial Day, the MCCF surprised Miami County Military Rites with a $1,000 pop-up grant.

“This month, we really wanted to do something special for Memorial Day through these pop-up grants, and we thought that there was no better way to do that than to support Miami County Military Rites,” said Connie Cutler, MCCF Director of Development.

The mission of Miami County Military Rites is to provide military graveside services for all veterans. The group also marches in Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day parades. Thanks to this group, veterans are laid to rest with an honorable service that they deserve.

The MCCF has supported Miami County Military Rites with grants in the past. In 2003, they received a $2,250 grant for new jackets that would protect members from the cold during winter funerals. In 2013, the MCCF awarded them a $500 grant for their transportation fund.

In addition to Miami County Military Rites, the MCCF has also honored our country’s military through grants to Grissom Air Museum. In total, the Grissom Air Museum has received $113,155.90 from the Community Foundation. In 1999, a significant grant of $94,000 helped to fund a visitor center.

The museum was given $8,690 in 2004 for full-color, permanent signs for the outdoor aircraft collection. These signs helped the museum to better communicate information to its visitors. Grissom Air Museum was awarded $1,300 in 2009 for its Seniors on Wheels program, which helps mobilize seniors who visit the museum. The following year, this project was further assisted with a $5,000 grant for a handicap accessible trail.

The MCCF additionally holds the Grissom Air Museum Agency Fund, which will forever support the organization.
The MCCF is grateful to these organizations for the services that they provide in honoring our military. Through this grant to Miami County Military Rites, the MCCF wishes to show its appreciation of the men and women who have served and who continue to serve our country.