SCCF Ambassadors Club Grants to Local Fire Departments

SCCF Ambassadors Club Grants to Local Fire Departments

Back Row: Rick Clark, Eric Wappel, Chad Schumacher, Kenny Pfost, Andy Lawrence, Dave Altman. Front Row: Cherry Gumz, Cheryl Orkis, Barbara McLaughlin.

At the Starke County Association of Firefighters meeting on Tuesday, March 21, a $1,000 grant was awarded to each Starke County fire department including Bass Lake-California Township, Hamlet-Davis Township, Knox-Center Township, Koontz Lake-Oregon Township, Washington Township, North Judson-Wayne Township, and the San Pierre-Railroad Township Fire Departments.

SCCF Ambassador Club Members and Founders Cherry Gumz and Barbara McLaughlin, SCCF Board President Cheryl Orkis, and SCCF Ambassador Club member Dave Altman presented the grants to Washington Township Fire Department Chief Rick Clark, North Judson-Wayne Township Fire Department Captain Eric Wappel, San Pierre-Railroad Township Fire Chief Chad Schumacher, Knox-Center Township Fire Chief Kenny Pfost, and Koontz Lake-Oregon Township Fire Department Chief Andy Lawrence.

Fire departments were selected by the Ambassadors Club due to their incredible work that they do to ensure that Starke County is safe. Department reps are always seeking additional individuals for their crews. If you’re interested in helping protect the community, reach out to your local fire department.

The SCCF Ambassadors Club exists to keep previous representatives involved with the SCCF’s philanthropic work. The club consists of former board members, fund founders, and the current SCCF board president. If you were previously involved with the Starke County Community Foundation and have an interest in being a part of the SCCF Ambassadors Club, please call 574-772-3665 or email to find out more about the club’s criteria.