FCCF Grant Supports New Swine Show

28 Jun FCCF Grant Supports New Swine Show

The Fulton County Community Foundation granted $2,500 to support a new swine show organized by the Fulton County Pork Producers. The June 19 show was open to youth and brought 258 hogs to the Fulton County Fairgrounds. Being a new show, committee members hoped for 150 hogs to arrive and were thrilled to have such high attendance.

“This industry teaches youth the importance of managing money and responsibility,” says Pork Producers committee member Ashley Young. “It takes an abundance of money, time, and patience to raise livestock.”

Collectively, the show’s winners took home $5,000 in award money. Fulton County Pork Producers plan to make the new show an annual happening.

For more information about future shows, visit the Fulton County Pork Producers Facebook page.