CRC Building Remodel

Things are happening at the CRC building. With a grant from Dukes Health Care Foundation and the personal donation of Rita Jackson, MCCF board member, the CRC building in under construction. The funds are going to support the addition of a handicap accessible elevator and the expansion and upgrade of the upstairs boardroom. Currently, there are limits to who can attend meetings and events in the CRC building. The upgrades included but not limited to new tables and chairs, audiovisual screen, camera, and small sink with cabinetry. This building is the home to multiple organizations whose mission is to help the community.

A big thank you to Rita Jackson for her generous donation to start this project. Rita has been a proud supporter of the Community Foundation for years. Her donation will allow this space to be used for the important conversations on how we can improve of the community for years to come. Also a big thank you to the Dukes Health Care Foundation for awarding the CRC building the grant to make construction possible.