Community Foundation Grants More Than $285,000 in 2017

Community Foundation Grants More Than $285,000 in 2017

The Starke County Community Foundation (SCCF) has awarded more than $285,000 this year to Starke County charitable organizations. Of that amount, $30,600 was given in community grants. Community grants are those that are awarded by the Community Foundation’s selection committee through an application process. These grants are made possible by community funds. This is the first year that the SCCF has removed deadlines for many of its grant applications.

The following are community grants, made possible by community funds:

The North Judson-Wayne Township Fire Department received $3,000 for new light weight fire-resistant coveralls for each firefighter. The Fire Department’s former coveralls were purchased in 2004 and need to be replaced due to damage and wear. The grant will help to keep the firemen safe as they in turn help to keep our community safe.

$1,500 was given to Dunebrook, Inc. for its Community Partners home visitation services. The program serves Starke County families facing life situations and challenges that might lead to child abuse or neglect. Community Partners provides voluntary, free, and confidential support to these families in their homes. Parents receive guidance and support are connected to local community resources.

Starke County Youth Club (SCYC) was granted $3,000 for program expenses. Starke County Youth Club provides a safe, positive environment for young people. Its programs help to prepare children to be successful in school, work, and life. SCYC exposes children to the arts, drama, music, and culture. Homework help and tutoring are also provided.

The North Judson Mint Festival Committee, Inc. received $1,000 to help fund an event for the 2018 Mint Festival. In 2017, the Committee added two events to its lineup—the Pedal Tractor Pull and the KidBuck$GameShow. The events were enjoyed by the community, and this grant will help to make the Tractor Pull possible next year.

$2,500 was given to Bella Vita Pregnancy Center for its “The Power of Dadhood” program. This program encourages fathers to make good choices for their families. It strives to show dads that they are vitally important to their children’s futures by providing support, guidance, and encouragement that fathers need.

A grant of $5,000 was awarded to the Starke County Fair Board. The organization will use the funds to build a permanent photo backdrop structure. The backdrop will be used by 4-H members and their families to take photos of their exhibits, livestock, dog class, and horse & pony projects. It can also be used by other community members that host events each year, such as Relay for Life, Hamlet Haunted Trail, and others.

HealthLinc was awarded $1,000 for its Reach Out and Read program in Knox. The grant will assist with the purchase of brand new books that are sent home with children who participate in the program. A key component of Reach Out and Read is parents’ engagement in their children’s education. When parents read with their children at home, they assist with their vocabulary and pre-reading skills, and they forge important neural connections during a critical period of brain development.

A $3,500 grant was given to the North Judson-San Pierre High School Memorial Committee to provide funding for the construction of a memorial to the old NJ-SP High School, which was built in 1921 and demolished in 1993. The group wishes to provide a site for Alumni to visit and also to help preserve the history of North Judson through the monument.

Starke County A.B.A.T.E. will use its $2,000 grant to help low income families with children at Christmastime. The funding will help them to purchase food, stockings, toys, clothes, and gifts. A.B.A.T.E. was organized in 1975. It seeks to provide support for local, low-income families. Through this grant, they will help to lift the financial burden off of families during the holidays.

A grant of $2,500 was given to the North Judson United Methodist Church for its food pantry, which serves Starke County residents. The grant will be used to purchase meat, milk, bread, eggs, cheese and fresh vegetables, as well as toiletries, dish/laundry soap, and items for special needs.

Starke County Community Corrections also received a Community Support Grant. This $1,200 grant will provide nutritional food for families attending the Family Seminar at the Regional Therapeutic Community in the Starke County Justice Center. The seminars provide the opportunity for offenders to have interactions with loved ones, which provides social support as they complete the addiction and recovery program. During the seminars, loved ones also engage in helpful workshops.

A $500 community education grant was given to the North Judson-San Pierre Elementary School’s Girls on the Run program. Girls on the Run is a youth development program that integrates education and physical fitness. It also seeks to inspire third, fourth, and fifth grade girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident. The girls meet after school for ten weeks, and they will complete a community impact project at the end of the course.

A second community education grant was given to Oregon-Davis Elementary School. This $400 grant will help to fund a field trip to Potawatomi Zoo for all first grade students. The field trip is part of the school’s first grade curriculum in which students study and explore the habitats of a variety of animals. During the trip, students will read to find information about each animal’s habitat.

Knox Elementary School also received an education grant in order to purchase a new sandbox. The school seeks to purchase the sandbox for the Title I and Integrated preschools. Representatives of the school reported that research has shown that playing in sand helps young children to develop fine motor skills, social skills, language skills, sensory processing, and neurological processing.

In addition to these grants, funds were allocated to special programs and projects.

SCCF grant applications are available and will be accepted throughout the year. For more information, contact SCCF Director of Development Sarah Origer at or by calling 574-772-3665.