Celebrating 25 Years

11 Oct Celebrating 25 Years

This year, as we’ve celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Fulton County Community Foundation (FCCF), we’ve had the opportunity to reflect on how our community has been shaped and impacted by the work of our donors, our grantees, and all of those in our Community Foundation family.

Through this article series, we’ve seen what this impact has looked like in the past 25 years. We’ve seen the impact through the many projects, such as Manitou Mountain, Akron Community Center, Centennial Park, and so many others supported by nearly $11 million in grants. We’ve seen it in local graduating seniors and their success in post-secondary school with the help of more than $2.1 million dollars in scholarships from the Community Foundation. We’ve seen it in Fulton County Lilly scholars, to whom nearly $3 million has been awarded. We’ve seen it in our local preschoolers, 129 of whom have obtained a preschool education and have been set on a track for success with the help of the FCCF.

All of this demonstrates the profound impact our donors have made on the community, but perhaps the most incredible aspect of the Community Foundation is that through the FCCF, the impact our donors have made is not stagnant or isolated. Instead, it continues to grow and will continue to shape our community forever.

It’s the reason our donors gave to us in the first place—Since the Community Foundation is made up of endowment funds, our donors’ dollars are not spent, but are instead invested and will continue to grow and to give back to the community today, tomorrow, a hundred years from now, and forever. The dollars given by our very first donors are still here, providing grant and scholarship dollars for the ever-evolving needs of the community.

Due to the continual growth of the Community Foundation, we’ve had many successes throughout the years that we’ve highlighted through this article series. We’ve been able to drastically increase our community grant dollars, thus enabling us to make Impact Grants. Examples of Impact Grants include $30,000 for the new Kewanna Food Pantry building, $35,000 to Matthew’s Market for a refrigerated truck, $70,000 to Fulton County Animal Adoption and Education Center for construction of a new building, $38,725 to Manitou Training Center for facility upgrades, $76,000 to Akron Youth League for upgrades and facility needs, and more! We’ve also opened our grant cycle, making it possible for local charitable organizations to apply for grants year-round. Most recently, we’ve reached another milestone by purchasing our own building at 227 E 9th Street.

Today, the FCCF holds $16.6 million in assets. We’re grateful to all of our donors who have believed in the work of the Community Foundation. Thanks to their generosity, they’ve instated the FCCF as the community’s Foundation—one that is strong, sturdy, and able to support the charitable needs in Fulton County now and forever.

Photo information: During Lilly Endowment’s Phase IV matching program in 1999, the Fulton County Community Foundation directed $130,000 to help with the relocation and renovation of the Gerig Round Barn. The top picture is of the Gerig Round Barn before relocation. The bottom picture is of the renovated barn as it appears today serving as the pro shop at Mill Creek Golf Course.