The Boomerang Sisterhood Grant Application

Video applications provide organizations the opportunity to personalize their request, clearly communicate their passion, and include project team members. 

If you’re a Miami County charitable organization interested in receiving project funding, we encourage you to submit a video! This fun and simple process doesn’t require professional equipment or expert editing, it can be shot right on your own device and uploaded to The Boomerang Sisterhood Google Drive. Budget forms are also required. Grants typically range between $500 – $2,000. Check out our examples and tips below. 

Applications are due September 2, 2022. Winners will be chosen on September 17 at The Boomerang Sisterhood’s annual event. 

*Last year’s recipients are not eligible to apply during this grant cycle, but winners from previous years may apply.*

Step 1: Submit your video: a gmail account is required for this step. If you do not have access to a gmail account, please contact 574-223-2225 to speak with Hannah Bahney. 

Step 2: Complete & Email the Boomerang Applicant Budget Sheet

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Check out our tips and tricks video and past successful video applications shown below. Remember: there is no “right” way to do this – make it your own! 

If you need help, feel free to call the office at 574-223-2225 for assistance. 

Examples of Past Video Applications