A Siren for San Pierre

07 Jul A Siren for San Pierre

Through Starke County Community Funds and the Hardesty Memorial Endowment Fund, the Starke County Community Foundation granted $24,470 to the San Pierre Volunteer Fire Department. The funds will be used to purchase and install a new firehouse siren.

For years the current siren has only sporadically worked, causing a public safety issue as the siren alerts residents of dangerous weather and firefighters during emergencies.

“We are very, very grateful. Without having these resources, we would still not have a siren,” said San Pierre Volunteer Fire Dept. Treasurer Tammy Schumacher. “Words cannot describe how happy we are for the community of Railroad Township having a working siren once again!”

The Starke County Community Foundation is proud to support the San Pierre Volunteer Fire Department and is grateful for the department’s 60 years of service to the San Pierre community.


SCCF Director Jacque Ryan, Railroad Township Trustee Secretary Kay Chaffins, San Pierre Vol. Fire Dept. Treasurer Tammy Schumacher, Chief Chad Schumacher, Lieutenant Mike Wilcox