Starke United Fund Grant Committee

Thank you for serving on the Starke United Fund Grant Committee.  This page is designed to provide you with meeting information, applications, scoresheets, and committee basics. If you have additional questions, please contact Corinne Becknell Lucas via email at, 574.223.2227 (Rochester office), 574.835.4101 (cell phone), 877.432.6423 (toll free).

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Meeting ID: 891 5196 8395
Password: 8VLCCG

Important Grant Committee Documents

Grant Applications Received for Review

Dunebrook – Public Education – Body Safety. Get the application (will get update) $3,500
Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana – Programming costs. Get the application (will get update) $3,500
Psi Iota Xi – Young Artist conference. Get the application (will get update) $3,500
Bella Vita – Enhancement of Educational component. Get the application $3,500
Marshall Starke Development Center – Utilities assistance. Get the application $3,500
Merit Foundation – Breast Health for SC. Get the application $3,500
NJWT Twp. Fire Auxiliary – Fire Education House. Get the application $2,500
SAWS – Ramp up SC. – Get the application $2,000
Toyz for Kidz – Christmas for SC children. $3,500

Community Foundation and the Starke United Fund

What is the NICF? Community foundations are tax-exempt public charities serving local people who share a common concern – improving the quality of life in their area. Individuals, families, businesses and organizations create permanent charitable funds and the foundation invests and administers those funds.

The Northern Indiana Community Foundation, Inc. (NICF), is a comprised of Fulton, Miami and Starke County Community Foundations who share costs and pool funds into a single cost-effective foundation.

The NICF is directed by a volunteer board consisting of five members from each of the three counties which provides consistent effective management of the endowments. Each county has its own volunteer local board. The executive director and staff are paid positions.

What is the Starke United Fund? In 2012, Starke United created the Starke United Fund with the NICF to provide a more efficient way to assist Starke County’s charitable agencies. Since the partnership was established, the Starke United Fund has supported many charitable organizations and projects in Starke County.

The NICF’s mission is to improve the quality of life in our communities by assisting donors in fulfilling their charitable wishes and the mission of the Starke United Fund is to provide leadership in uniting all people of Starke County to address human conditions through positive actions

Starke United Fund grants are a result of unrestricted funds that allow the Starke United Grant Committee to address rising needs in our community. These grants are for charitable organizations that serve the people of Starke County.

The Role of a Committee Member. Committee members ensure that the original intent of the fund is followed. Members are stewards of the fund, its purpose, and updates us on concerns and issues that arise in the community. We encourage members to share the public’s questions and comments about the granting process and welcome input on community issues.

What if I am involved with an organization that is requesting a grant? Members complete a “Conflict of Interest” form. If you have a conflict you will refrain from participating in the discussions of that particular application and will not vote on that application. If you have a leadership position with an organization requesting funds, you need to inform the committee chair in advance of the meeting.