Starke County Grant Committee

Thank you for becoming a committee member with the Community Foundation. We hope to provide you with meeting information, applications, scoresheets, and committee basics. If you have additional questions, please contact Corinne Becknell Lucas via email at, 574.223.2227 (Rochester office), 574.835.4101 (cell phone), 877.432.6423 (toll free).

Starke County Community Foundation Grant Meetings and Agendas

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  • Next  meeting October 24, at noon.

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Grant Applications For Review

Impact Grants and Letters of Intent
Community Support
Toyz for Kids -Programming support. Get the application $3,500
North Judson Zoo – New roof. Get the application $200,000
Education Grant applications – $1,500 per school available
Only NJ-SP remaining for the year.

2022 Grant Applications Approved

North Judson Fire Department – Locker room upgrades. $3,725
Junior Achievement – Programming $3,000
Oregon Davis – Frog in the Bog $1,500
Knox Elementary School – Ready, Set Science. $1,500
Healthlinc – Vision Spot Machines. $6723
NJ Mint Festival Committee – Tables and umbrellas $3,200
NJWT Public Library – electronic tablets
SC Extension Homemakers – Books for Headstart students $700
San Pierre Fire Dept. – Siren for San Pierre. ($12,235 from Hardesty, Total awarded $24,470) $12,235
Starke County EMS – Advanced training and equipment (Hardesty $7,000, Total awarded $13,747 ) $6,747
Hope Restored – Start-up costs $21,000
Hamlet Baseball – mower $10,000

2022 Grant Applications Denied

Merit – Building facade $30,000

2021 Grant Applications Approved

Jay Mints 4-H Club – Flowers for Fairgrounds $800
Koontz Lake Vol. Fire Dpt – Fire Gear Extractor Washer/Dryer $4,200
Intrepid Phoenix, Inc – Gym membership support (held for 2022) $4,000
NJ Mint Festival – Pedal Pull event $1,000
Starke County Resource Center – Programing support. Final Report $4,000
Starke County Youth Club – Programming $3,000
Knox Winamac Community Health Center – Mobile Health Screening
Starke County Parks Board – Kayak/Paddle Boards for Bass Lake Beach $1,500
Starke County Fair Board – PA System for fairgrounds. Final Report $5,000
 Toyz for Kidz – 2021 Christmas for Starke County children
Starke County Public Library – Dolly Parton Imagination Library. Final Report $15,000
Oregon-Davis – Dry Erase Boards. $800
Dunebrook – Body Safety and Smarter Safer Kids/Teens. Final Report $4,000
Merit Foundation, Inc. – Breast Health Project for Starke County $1,000
Culver Youth Club – General support. Final Report $2,500
Yellowstone Trail Fest – Magic Show. Final Report $1,950
Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry – Processing fess for SC livestock donations. $2,000
Koontz Lake Fire Dept – ATV side by side. $15,000
SC Justice Center – Books for program. $1,000
Town of Hamlet – Christmas decorations. $1,000
Bass Lake Lions – Dictionary Project $624
SC Community Resource Center – Roof Project. Final Report $17,500
Starke County Sheriff’s Department – $5,602

Grant Committee Information

What is the NICF? Community foundations are tax-exempt public charities serving local people who share a common concern – improving the quality of life in their area. Individuals, families, businesses and organizations create permanent charitable funds and the foundation invests and administers those funds.

The Northern Indiana Community Foundation, Inc. (NICF), is a comprised of Fulton, Miami and Starke County Community Foundations who share costs and pool funds into a single cost-effective foundation.

The NICF is directed by a volunteer board consisting of five members from each of the three counties which provides consistent effective management of the endowments. Each county has its own volunteer local board. The executive director and staff are paid positions.

The Role of a Committee Member. Committee members ensure that the original intent of the fund is followed. Members are stewards of the fund, its purpose, and updates us on concerns and issues that arise in the community. We encourage members to share the public’s questions and comments about the granting process and welcome input on community issues.

Grant Committee Information. The Foundation awards grants from Community Funds (unrestricted funds) and field of interest funds. Community funds place no restrictions on how they may be used, and depends on committee recommendations to meet the community’s most pressing needs. Funds such as the Starke United Fund, are comprised of a named committee that follows the charitable purpose set out in the fund. Grants are awarded to 501(c)(3), tax-exempt nonprofit organizations, or projects that are charitable in nature.

How often do we meet and do I need to come to every meeting? Grant committees meet quarterly. Meetings typically last 1 hour depending on the number of applications received, and longer if a visit to a grantee is planned.

What if I am involved with an organization that is requesting a grant? Members complete a “Conflict of Interest” form. If you have a conflict you will refrain from participating in the discussions of that particular application and will not vote on that application. If you have a leadership position with an organization requesting funds, you need to inform the committee chair in advance of the meeting.

How many applications will I review and how do we make the selections? We have no deadlines on the majority of our applications. We typically meet on a quarterly basis, but could meet between those times to help an applicant this is under a time restraint. Below you will find the applications which are posted as they are received at the NICF office. Also posted are grant review sheets that will help you in evaluating the applications your review process.