Introducing NICF board member Rita Jackson

Introducing NICF board member Rita Jackson

Rita generously donated this beautiful sign for our new main office in Rochester!

This week’s featured board member is Rita Jackson. Rita is a true pillar of the community, always going above and beyond to give back to others through the Community Foundation and the other organizations she’s involved with. Rita has such a kind and generous spirit, and we’re thankful she’s a part of the Community Foundation! Check out our interview with Rita below to learn a bit more about her.

1. Where did you grow up, and where did you go to school?

My sister and I grew up in Indianapolis and Miami County, and after High School I attended Purdue University.

Rita receiving an honorary degree from Ivy Tech Community College

2. What are your hobbies and interests?

Watching football and old movies, reading, sewing and politics.

3. What is your job title and/or what organizations are you involved with in the community?

Secretary of the MCCF; VP of the NICF; Treasurer of the Miami County Democratic Party; Member of: 2018 Campaign Committee for the Ivy Tech Kokomo Service Area, Miami County 2018 Ivy Tech Fundraiser, Book Club, Art Club and Psi Iota Xi organization.

4. What do you like most about your community?

The small town atmosphere and the convenience and social aspect it provides.

5. How did you become involved with the Community Foundation?

I met Connie Cutler at an Ivy Tech fundraiser and later was asked by Jay Albright and Connie to join the MCCF.

Rita with her cat, Tiger

6. What do you like about the Community Foundation? What role do you think it plays in the community?

I like the fact that the Foundation embraces many different organizations through monetary grants and recognizes the importance of education through its scholarship awards.

I believe the Community Foundation plays a critical role because it offers a trusted vehicle for citizens to memorialize their family members and to establish charitable gifts that are important to them through funds and scholarships of their choosing.