Miami County’s Boomerang Sisterhood Grants Out $7,000

Miami County’s Boomerang Sisterhood Grants Out $7,000

Peru Civic Center was bustling last Saturday during the annual Boomerang Sisterhood Women’s Giving Circle event. Over 30 women from the Boomerang Sisterhood, Miami County’s women’s giving circle, attended the event where the group granted $7,000 to local charitable organizations.

“The Boomerang Sister Women’s Giving Circle is a fantastic way for women and girls to make a positive impact in our community,” said Miami County Community Foundation Director, Heidi Wright. “By pooling their resources together for change, a few dollars becomes thousands of dollars that go to making Miami County a better place.”

A $3,000 grant was awarded to Miami County United Way, a $2,000 grant awarded to Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry, and $1,000 grants awarded to both Borderman Park and Distinguished Young Women.

“This grant will go towards our weekend meal deal, where we send elementary students home with a backpack full of food each Friday,” said United Way Executive Director, Morgan Gold. “I am so happy to see amazing women coming together to help our community!”

Boomerang Sisterhood members ages 8 – 15 pay $12 per year, members ages 16 – 21 pay $

60 per year, and member ages 22 and older pay a $120 yearly donation. Membership dues must be paid to vote for grant recipients. Women can get a jumpstart on their 2024 membership by visiting The Boomerang Sisterhood page.