MCCF grants to the Circus City Festival

17 Mar MCCF grants to the Circus City Festival

The Circus City Festival received a grant from the Miami County Community Foundation for a technology overhaul. The Circus City Festival was indeed negatively affected by COVID-19 and this grant will allow them to improve and enhance membership and donor development. The organization is looking forward to continuing the Circus tradition with some new ways to run their organization more efficiently. Heidi Wright, new Miami County Director of Development, said, “ I am excited this grant was approved by our grants committee. I look forward to seeing the Circus City Festival use these funds to improve their operations.  The Circus City Festival is a great organization that provides incredible opportunities for the youth in our community.”

Miami County Community Foundation is also providing a paid summer internship for the Circus City Festival. The internship will help the organization with donor development, communication, and administrative duties. To apply for this opportunity, email your resume and cover letter to