Giving Love to Local Felines

Giving Love to Local Felines

Through its series of surprise pop-up grants, the Miami County Community Foundation (MCCF) has helped spread joy to local organizations that meet many different needs in the community and support a variety of people, from infants to the elderly. This month, the MCCF is supporting a unique population in Miami County. Through a surprise $1,000 grant to Scratching Post Cat Rescue, Inc, the MCCF is giving love to local felines.

Scratching Post Cat Rescue, Inc. is an organization that began as Shelley’s Cat Haven in the backyard of Shelley Shircliff in 2005. Due to a high population of feral cats in Miami County, Shelley felt that there was a need for a cat rescue facility. In 2013, she officially established Scratching Post Cat Rescue, Inc. Since then, Shelley has grown her business to better serve the community through the high-quality care and facilitation of adoption of feral cats.

Rita Jackson, an MCCF board member and supporter of Scratching Post Cat Rescue, also felt that Shelley’s work was needed in Miami County. In 2016, she established the Scratching Post Cat Rescue Fund through the MCCF to provide support to the organization indefinitely.

The MCCF further supported the cause in 2017 by granting the entity more than $4,000 for needed isolation cages. These cages are necessary when cats first arrive at Scratching Post so they can obtain necessary shots and care before joining the other cats.

Another MCCF fund, Rosie’s Rescue Endowment Fund, helps to support local organizations that provide care for local animals.

The MCCF is happy to support the much needed service that Scratching Post Cat Rescue is providing for the community, and also to promote care for the cats in our community.