Kewanna-Union Twp and Liberty Twp Grant Committee

The Kewanna-Union Township Endowment Fund and Liberty Township Endowment Funds were created in 2010, and 2018 respectively. They support charitable programs and projects within these Townships and community. Local businesses, residents and supporters of the townships continue to contribute funds to make these grants possible. There is $2,500 available to grant for each township. Grants may be given to many different organizations, or only one or two depending on the applications received. We encourage people to apply even if only a few hundred dollars is needed for a project.

Thank you for participating on the  grant committee. We hope to provide you with meeting information, applications, scoresheets, and committee basics. If you have additional questions, please contact Corinne Becknell Lucas via email at, or by me call phone at, 574.835.4101 (cell phone). Our meeting this year will be held at the Community Foundation board room and via Zoom — see details.

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Grant Applications Received for Review

Kewanna UT
Kewanna’s HEART– Fall Festival  Get the application $2,500
Kewanna Union Twp Public Library – Chairs  Get the application $619
Junior Achievement – Programming Get the application
Liberty Twp
Junior Achievement – Programming Get the application
Liberty Lions – Movies in the Park Get the application