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Starke County Legacy of Women
Crazy Cupcake Challenge

crazy cupcake

It was a great afternoon of fun and frosting for the Starke County Legacy of Women. On Sunday, October 13, the organization held a Crazy Cupcake challenge at the Knox Middle School.

Attendees not only made their own cupcake creations, they also learned about the art of cupcaking from local chef Rosie Gollub. Rosie showed her expertise at making fabulous cupcakes, offered tips and shared her experiences as a creative baker.

Local women vendors were on hand to show their business products and services. This was an excellent opportunity for women to purchase local items and find out what women in the county have to offer in the business world.

The event benefits the The Starke County Legacy of Women organzation which was established to provide support for projects that enhance the leadership capacity of women of all ages in Starke County.

The Starke County Legacy of Women is a fund of the Starke County Community Foundation.

Events such as the Crazy Cupcake Challenge support the Fund which offers grants to fund innovative programs, projects and activities that seek to empower women and girls in Starke County. The Fund also provides grants to women who want to participate in personal leadership development events such as conferences and workshops and then use those skills for the betterment of local women and girls.

Scholarships are provided through the Fund and they support local women who wish to increase their current job skills or go back to school to get their degree. Three recipients of the scholarship were recognized at the Crazy Cupcake event.

Grants and scholarship awarded through the Starke County Legacy of Women Fund.

2011 Indiana State Chamber Leadership Conference fee $199
2011 Bella Vita Pregnancy Resource Center $449
2011 Scholarship/Rebecca Poindexter $250
2011 Scholarship/Kristi Nolcheff $750
2011 Scholarship/Dawn Bailey $500
2011 Scholarship/ Rae Humphrey $1,000
2012 Coalition Against Domestic Abuse, Inc $300
2012 Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana-Michiana, Inc $1,000
2012 Bella Vita Pregnancy Resource Center $898
2013 Scholarship/Treva Underwood $500
2013 Scholarship/Brenda Burkett $1,000
2013 Scholarship/Rachel Oesterreich $750


Sharing Fire - Community Foundations
Fabulous interview with one of Starke County's finest

Marc Hardy and Jim Hardesty
Marc Hardy of Michiana Public Television WNIT interviews Jim Hardesty  

Jim Hardesty of Hamlet, a long time donor and supporter of the Community Foundation was asked to talk about his philanthropic passions on WNIT- Public Television.

We are excited that Jim is being recognized for his good works. The Community Foundation has been one of the organizations that has benefited from his generosity. We appreciate that he shares his story of working with the Community Foundation with his neighbors and now the entire Michiana area.

Jim was given Emeritus status on the NICF board along with the “Abraham Lincoln” award for his 10 years of service on the NICF board. He also continues to lend his expertise on the Finance Committee where we all benefit from his insight and leadership.

Thanks to people like Jim Hardesty, Starke County will continue to be a great place to live, learn and grow.