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Community Foundation Celebrates Fund Founders and Awards Grants to Area Charities

Dave Altman and Linda Lewandowski
Dave Altman presents a grant to Kid's Closet Director, Linda Lewandowski
Sarah Origer
Sarah Origer, SCCF Dir. of Development
Travis and Bridget Markin with Junior Acheivment

November 14, 2013 - The Starke County Community Foundation (SCCF) celebrated with donors and charitable organizations at a fund founder celebration and grant reception held Thursday, November 14, 2013 at Community Services of Starke County in Knox.

Dozens of founders of Community Foundation funds were present to celebrate the accomplishments of 2013, during which more than $140,000 was awarded in grants and scholarships.

More than $24,000 of that was awarded Thursday evening during the reception via the SCCF’s annual unrestricted grant process. The named unrestricted funds that made the grants possible are: The Freedom Fund, the Ann R. and Orville Nichols Memorial Fund, the Schuyler Family Endowment Fund, the Stewart Lain Memorial Fund, the Starke County General Unrestricted Fund, and the Arlowa S. Vorm Memorial Fund.

Since 1996 more than 2.7 million dollars have been provided to Starke County through the Community Foundation.

So far this year, the Community Foundation has welcomed three new funds: the Starke County Preschool Education Fund, the Robert ‘Boom Boom’ Baker Fund for Alternative Agriculture, and the Railroad Township-San Pierre Alumni Scholarship Foundation Fund.

“This recognition of the organizations that do wonderful things in our community is one of the best event we have,” said Sarah Origer, SCCF Director of Development. “Sharing the evening with our donors who make these grants possible only enhances the celebration.”

Twenty-seven organizations applied for funding from the Community Foundation with requests of over forty-one thousand dollars. After review from a committee of Starke County residents and Community Foundation Service Committee members, grants were given to nine charitable organization who provide services to Starke County residents.

Community development and human services were supported with grants to: Coalition Against Domestic Abuse (CADA) for fencing repairs $ 1,000.00, Community Service of Starke County’s Home Delivered Meal Program was awarded $ 3,000.00, Kids Closet Ministry will be able to provide new coast for needy children with their grant of $ 2,000.00, Salvation Army for emergency assistance to Starke County $500.00.

Education and youth programs were funded with grants to Center of Workforce Innovations for GED Programming $ 500.00, Junior Achievement serving Starke County for their “Our Community” program $500.00, Psi Iota Xi for the 2014 Young Artist Conference $ 1,000.00, Starke County Youth Club received $3,000.00, The PEERS Project for Knox Schools was awarded $500.00, Knox Community Schools for MIMO field trip received $500.00 and Oregon-Davis Schools received an award for field trips in the amount of $500.00.

2013 Grantees
2013 Grantees: Linda Lewandowski (Kid’s Closet), Dean Corey (Oregon-Davis School Corp.), Irene Szakonyi (Starke County Youth Club), Bridget Markin (Junior Achievement) , Kitty Meyers (Center of Workforce Inovations), Major Gerald Smelser (Salvation Army), Marissa Adcock (PEERS), Joan Haugh (Community Services of Starke County), Samantha Brewer (PEERS), Wendy Elam (Coalition Against Domestic Abuse), Becca Ratliff and Charles Ratliff (Knox School Corp.), Marilyn Lukac (Psi Iota Xi).

Two Field of Interest Funds also supported programs that support education and youth in the community.

The Robert 'Boom Boom' Baker Alternative Ag Grant is for projects that encourage or support alternative agriculture within Starke County. The Starke County Youth Club received this $1,000 grant for “Planting the Seeds of a Brighter Tomorrow” programming.

Indiana History grants are given through the Maude Brown and Henry F. Schricker Endowment Fund. Knox Elementary 3-5 grade newspaper students will travel to the Center for History in South Bend and report on growing up in a log cabin and attending a one room school house.

The Starke County Community Foundation is an affiliate of the Northern Indiana Community Foundation, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) public trust. The mission of the Community Foundation is to improve the quality of lives in our communities by assisting donors in fulfilling their charitable wishes. We do this by building endowment funds for our communities with contributions, both large and small.

For more information, contact the Northern Indiana Community Foundation toll free at 877-432-6423, or Sarah Origer at the Starke County Community Foundation at 574-772-3665.

Welcome to the Starke County Community Foundation
Starke County is a wonderful rural county comprised of small towns where everyone knows each other; and can always depend on neighbors and friends in a pinch. It has a wonderful heritage and a diverse cultural background that adds to its charm.

Since 1996, Starke County Community Foundation has brought caring people and charitable endeavors together for the good of this great community. The Community Foundation gives donors flexible and tax-effective ways to ensure their charitable giving. We work to build substantial endowment funds for our community through contributions large and small.

Starke County Community Foundation is proud to be a part of the Northern Indiana Community Foundation (NICF). The NICF allows us to maximize our investment benefits and be more cost efficient. This way Starke County donations can do more—right here in Starke County.

So far, Starke County Community Foundation has dispersed over 2.5 million dollars in grants and scholarships. Currently the Community Foundation holds over $4.3 million in assets and administers 94 funds.