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Helen L. Barnett Medical Scholarships
Scholarships for medical students

Helen Barnett Scholarships are available for Miami County students who are accepted or currently enrolled in an accredited Indiana college in a health-related course of study.

Consideration will be given to all applicants, but special consideration will be given to the non-traditional student. Some examples of a non-traditional student are an older student, one who has previously attended college and is returning after a break of a few years, or one who entered the work force immediately after high school and is now attending college for the first time.

The Helen L. Barnett Scholarship was established to honor the memory of Helen L. Barnett who was the sister of a prominent Miami County physician and faithfully served Dr. Ralph Barnett as office manager her entire career. Her dedication to the medical community continues to live on through this scholarship.

Applications are available online at, or at the Miami County Community Foundation office located at 13 East Main Street in the Community Resources Building.

The deadline to return the application package is August 1st, 2015.

 Helen Barnett Scholarship app

 Helen Barnett Scholarship app

Miami County Community Foundation Awards Scholarships

Grace Comerford, received the Elaine Cultice Bright Memorial Scholarship, Eugene K. and Martha E. Fike Memorial Scholarship, Leonora E. Kolb Scholarship, Miami County Community Foundation Scholarship, and James U. and Betsy Guthrie Health Scholarship.

Over $125,000 and 138 scholarships were awarded through the Miami County Community Foundation in 2015.

An ice cream social to celebrate students and the scholarships they received was held on Wednesday June 17 at First Christian Church Fire House Ministry in Peru.  

Connie Cutler, Director of Development for the Miami County Community Foundation, hosted the annual event that honors the accomplishments of local students and showcases the donors who have created scholarships through the Community Foundation.

“It is a special night that brings attention to a great group of students.” Cutler said. “We also appreciate the chance to mention our donors who invest in the future of Miami County through the gift of education.”

Scholarship opportunities are still available at the Community Foundation and an application can be found online at The Back Home Again in Indiana Scholarship is for non- traditional students. This scholarship not only gives dollars for college, but also supports training as a way of enhancing an applicants’ employment skills. Deadline is July 10, 2015.

For information about creating a scholarship fund or applying for a summer scholarship, contact the Northern Indiana Community Foundation at 574-223-2227, or Connie Cutler at the Miami County Community Foundation at 765-475-2859.

Larkin Stevens Avery, the recipient of the David W. Beall Memorial Scholarship with Connie Cutler. Amee Tomes recipient of the Leonora E. Kolb Scholarship, Alice Moon Scholarship, and J & J Scholarship. Emily Tyner with Harold Hauser. Emily received the J & J Scholarship and Randy Steg Memorial Scholarship.


Miami County Community Foundation Preschool Scholarships
Application available for download

Download the application

 Miami County Preschool app

 Miami County Preschool app

The NICF is in the third year of a partnership with local preschools, schools and other organizations,to offer preschool scholarships for the children of Fulton, Miami and Starke Counties.

The goal of the program is to make one year of preschool education affordable to every child in our counties. Need-based scholarships are available to families of four-year-old children.

Many people underestimate the importance of preschool education. The expectations of what a child entering kindergarten should know have risen dramatically in recent years and local children who arrive for kindergarten unprepared often have difficulty catching up to their peers.

Eighty-five percent of a child’s brain growth happens by the age of five, and children who attend preschool are more likely to read at grade level, graduate from high school, and continue on to secondary education.

Rigorous studies have shown that for every dollar invested in early childhood education programs for low-income children, between $4 and $9 is returned to the community.

These financial returns come in the form of reduced special education costs, less grade repetition in schools, better job preparedness and a greater ability to meet future labor force demands, higher incomes due to higher educational attainment, fewer welfare payments, and lower criminal casualties and prison costs.

“It’s clear that investing in early childhood education leads to long-term community benefits that would be unwise to ignore,” says NICF Executive Director Jay Albright.

For more information about the scholarship program, contact To contribute, visit the Giving Connection to invest in the Preschool Scholarship Program for Miami County children.