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Boomerang Sisterhood Awards Grants to Four Charitable Organizations

Vickie Schoenberger, Junior Achievement educator; Wendy Atkinson, Junior Achievement representative; Teresa Galley, Honeywell Foundation Educational Outreach Manager; Kim Martino, BOOKS Coordinator; Deb Wallick, United Way of Miami County Executive Director.

August 24, 2016 – This year, the Boomerang Sisterhood selected four charitable organizations to receive grant dollars for the work they do to better the quality of life in Miami County. The organizations chosen support the health and education of Miami County youth.

Among all of the grant applicants, a committee within the Boomerang Sisterhood chose the finalists. The Sisterhood then held their annual event at Garden Gate Greenhouse on Tuesday, August 23, during which they listened to presentations made by the finalists.

The members of the Sisterhood voted for the organization they most wanted to support, and the grants were then presented. All finalists received grant dollars.

The first place recipient was the United Way Backpack Program, which was granted $1,500. The program provides nutritious food to all Head Start students in Miami County receiving free and reduced assistance. United Way partners with Food Finders Food Bank and local volunteers to distribute food every weekend to provide these students with proper nutrition when they are not receiving school meals. This is the sixth year for the program.

$1,000 went to the second place winner, the Books Offer Our Kids Success (BOOKS) Program. BOOKS supports family literacy and inspires lifelong learning for Miami County residents. The program has placed over 36,000 books into the homes of community members over the last nine years. One book is purchased for every Miami County kindergarten student each month while school is in session. The books are high quality and are written by well-known authors.

Honeywell Foundation Visual Thinking Strategies and Junior Achievement BizTown were each the winners of $500.

The Honeywell Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization which owns and manages the Honeywell Center. The Center offers many programs, including the Educational Outreach Program (EOP). The grant will support the EOP Visual Thinking Strategies program, which involves having Miami County 3rd-5th grade students look at works of art and participate in a student-centered conversation about the art. The program strengthens students’ critical thinking skills, as well as their analytical reasoning and problem-solving abilities.

Junior Achievement’s mission is to prepare young people to succeed in the global economy and own their economic future. It empowers young people to make good academic and financial decisions by enhancing the relevancy of their education. Junior Achievement’s BizTown is an authentic, life-sized town and interactive program that involves students in the management of a simulated economy. Students earn, lend, save, and spend money. They run a business and make choices about what to buy and how to use money and resources.

The Boomerang Sisters fulfill their mission through annual dues of $120 to the Miami County Community Foundation. Half of the dues are distributed each year through grants. The remainder are put into a growing endowment fund for current and future grant cycles.

Women interested in joining the Boomerang Sisterhood should contact Connie Cutler, Director of Development for the Miami County Community Foundation at 765-475-2859 or e-mail

5k Walk/Run Celebrates Guthrie Family and Sara Herrell

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1st in the 5k Runner Male 15 and Under - Jacob Van Horn 25:33.7
1st overall 5K Female Walker 36:01.3 - Carissa Mongosa 36:01.3

The second annual J.U.G. 5K Walk/Run was held on Saturday July 23. Sixty-five walkers and runners turned out for the event held during the 2016 Peru Circus City Festival.

Jessica Monnot, an intern at the Miami County Community Foundation (MCCF), started the event in 2015 to give back and celebrate the life of local physician James U. Guthrie, who devoted himself to the practice of General Surgery.

Monnot received the 1st ever James U. and Betsy Guthrie Health Scholarship in 2014 and she was compelled to repay the generosity of the Guthrie family and the Community Foundation which holds the scholarship endowment fund.

There had not been a walk/run event at the Peru Circus City Festival for a few years, and this event has sparked new interest within the community and the hope is that it will continue for years to come.

This year the event also celebrated the life of Sara Herrell, a young girl who passed away last year and who participated in the 2015 event. “After last year’s J.U.G. event, a little girl filled with excitement asked if she could help in next year’s race,” said Jay Albright, Executive Director of the Northern Indiana Community Foundation the parent organization of which the MCCF is an affiliate member. “After the tragic loss of Sara, Jessica Monnot felt that it would be fitting to celebrate Sara’s life in the event this year, and we couldn’t have agreed more,” Albright continued.

“Thanks to the volunteers and those who participated in the event, we will continue to support the Guthrie Family Fund and the community now and forever,” said Jessica Monnot founder of the annual event. “I thank the Community Foundation for helping me bring my vision to Miami County and look forward to next year’s race.”

The top finishers for the event:

1st Male Runner- Jamie Francis 24:18.3
1st Female Runner- Jennifer Van Horn 26:10.4
1st Male Walker- Chris Herrell 34:29.5
1st Female Walker- Carissa Mongosa 36:01.3

 2016 J.U.G. 5K Run/Walk Overall Finish List

 2016 J.U.G. 5K Run/Walk Age Group Results