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David M. Beall Memorial Scholarship

David Beall was a beloved teacher at Maconaquah High school and such
an inspiration to his students that, even after leaving his class, they
continue to consider the question “What would Mr. Beall do?”

Born in 1944 in Peru, David graduated from Oak Hill High School in 1962
and Manchester College in 1966. He received his graduate degree at
Ball State University before getting a job teaching social studies at
Maconaquah High School in 1966. A member of the Richland Chapel
United Methodist Church, the Converse Lions Club, the Maconaquah
Education Association, as well as other organization, David was actively
involved in the community.

Mr. Beall taught government, a class required by all students at the
school, but he always taught above and beyond the required curriculum. Mr. Beall understood that his students would eventually leave Maconaquah and one day lead the country, and he made sure that every student had the necessary skills to do so. He knew his subject so well that students were often astounded how little they used the textbook in his class—the students could read the information in the textbook, but he wanted to teach them how to apply that information.

Outside of teaching, David enjoyed working in his yard and garden, watching IU basketball, and spending
time with his grandchildren. Even outside of the classroom, however, teaching was his passion, and he
enjoyed hearing from and keeping up with former students.

Sadly, David passed away in November of 2005 due to complications after a heart attack, but with help
from the Miami County Community Foundation, his wife, Janita, created a scholarship fund in his honor.

Before she and he sons left the hospital, Janita knew that she wanted to create a scholarship so that
David could continue to help students learn and continue their education. With this scholarship, David
continues to help students fulfill their dreams even when he is no longer with us in person. After
discussing her options with her brother-in-law, Janita took his advice and contacted the Northern Indiana
Community Foundation.

“And I am so glad that we did,” said Janita, “because now I don’t even have to worry about it. They have
done a much better job than if I had taken care of it myself.”

After meeting with the Community Foundation Program and Communication Director, Corinne BecknellLucas,
Janita decided on the criteria for the scholarship. David knew that students have different ways of
learning and he tried to reach every one of them. For this reason, Janita wanted to make the scholarship
available to students who work hard yet may not have achieved the best grades.

“When we created the scholarship, we really wanted to stay true to the person he was,” said Janita.

To be eligible for the David W. Beall Memorial Scholarship Fund, students must be residents of Miami
County and graduating Seniors of Maconaquah High School who have attended the school for at least 4
years. Students must also be planning to attend a college, university, or trade school in the state of
Indiana and show financial need. A GPA of a C or above is required and applicant must not be in the top
10% of the graduating class. Those applying should also be actively involved in school, work, and the

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