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Grant Opportunities for 2014

2013 Boomerang Sisterhood Grantees: The Boomerang Sisterhood application will be available at a future date. The event is going to change from a spring gala to a late summer gala. Stay tuned for more details!

 Miami County Community Foundation Grant Application Packet

 Miami County Community Foundation Grant Application Packet

The Miami County Community Foundation (MCCF) is offering many granting opportunities for charitable organizations in 2014. Applications for the entire year are available here online or at the MCCF office.

All of the following grant opportunities can be found in the our grant application packet.

New for 2014 is a “Sustainability Award”. This opportunity is intended to reward organizations that have the foresight to plan for the future. A $5,000 endowment grant will be awarded competitively to a Miami County nonprofit demonstrating leadership, management, programming, and a desire to encourage donations to their own permanent endowment fund. The deadline is June 6, 2014.

A $10,000 Impact Grant is for an organizations seeking funds to support a large project. This grant is designed to support organizations that are planning a new project or program, or looking to expand their services. Charitable organizations that are interested in applying for an Impact Grant must first submit a Letter of Intent and one page project summary by July 11, 2014

Also available are Community Support Grants which assist organizations seeking grants in the range of several hundred to several thousand dollars. These grants are designed to be awarded to many organizations and provide support throughout the community.  The deadline is October 10, 2014.

The Boomerang Sisterhood is made up of local women, who pool their resources in order to support organizations and programs that benefit Miami County. Grants are possible by annual membership dues. All paying members have the opportunity to vote on which projects will receive funding at their annual gala. Grant deadline and gala dates are yet to be announced.

According to Jay Albright, Executive Director of Northern Indiana Community Foundation, Inc., of which the MCCF is an affiliate, “Having the ability to award different types of grants at different times of the year is an amazing accomplishment for the Community Foundation. This gives us many options to help local charitable organizations.”

Contact Corinne Becknell Lucas, Program/Communications Director of the Northern Indiana Community Foundation to discuss granting options and project ideas toll free at 877-432-6423 or email

Download the application:

 Miami County Community Foundation Grant Application Packet

 Miami County Community Foundation Grant Application Packet