Fulton County


2015 Lilly Endowment Community Scholarhip

The purpose of the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship program (LECS) is to help raise the level of educational attainment in Indiana and also to leverage the ability of Indiana’s Community Foundations to enhance the quality of life of the state’s residents. With this purpose in mind, the Fulton County Community Foundation Scholarship committee seeks candidates who exhibit the ability to succeed at the post-secondary level, who show potential in their chosen field of study, and who exhibit potential as a future leader.

The program will provide one scholarship for full tuition, required fees and a special allocation of up to $900 per year for required books and required equipment for four years of undergraduate study on a full-time basis, leading to a baccalaureate degree at any Indiana public or private college or university accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Criteria for Eligibility
1. Student must be a Fulton County high school senior, graduating by the end of June 2015, with a diploma from an accredited Indiana High School.
2. Student must be accepted for a full-time baccalaureate course of study at an accredited public or private nonprofit college or university in Indiana.
3. Student must have been a resident of Fulton County at least three continuous years prior to high school graduation. The applicant must be a current resident.

Selection Process
1. Applications will be "blinded" and then reviewed by the Community Foundation Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship Committee, comprised of select members of the Fulton County Community Foundation and citizens of Fulton County. 
2. From the pool of “blinded” applications, the Community Foundation Scholarship Committee will select Finalists for the Final Phase of the Nomination Process.
3. All Finalists will write a 100-125 word impromptu essay and participate in an oral interview process.
4. The Scholarship Committee will nominate one recipient and one alternate for one full tuition scholarship. 
5. A separate, statewide committee, appointed by Independent Colleges of Indiana, will make the final selection of all recipients in accordance with the criteria and procedures consistent with applicable law and the overall goals of the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship Program.

How to Apply
Visit this website for a link to the online scholarship application. Then follow the instructions provided in the application. The deadline for the application, all required attachments and recommendation forms is January 6 at 3:00 pm. You must apply online.

Helpful Hints
Before you apply, gather all required documents. The following document must be uploaded to your application and formatted as a .pdf with the exception of the photo which must be formatted as a jpg.

  • A high quality photo of yourself from your shoulders up. Your junior yearbook photo works great!
  • Letters of Recommendation: Seriously consider whom you will ask to submit letters of recommendation. Choose someone who knows you well enough to write a letter. You will need two letters of recommendation, one from a faculty member and another from someone who has supervised you in a volunteer or extra-curricular activity or someone who has supervised you as an employer. You will enter your recommenders’ email address. They will be contacted via the online system to provide a letter of recommendation. We will only accept Letters of recommendation received via the online system.
  • Start Early! Begin filling out your application early, including inputting names and email addresses for your two references. By doing so, you give your references ample time to submit a recommendation form on your behalf. If you wait until the deadline or near the deadline, your references may not be able to get their recommendation submitted in time which will make your application incomplete.
  • Keep record of your work, community service and extracurricular activities. Your ability to demonstrate that you have invested your time wisely and for the benefit of others is meaningful to scholarship committees.
  • Spend time on your essays. These are what can set you apart from others and gives insight to the scholarship committee about you!
  • Follow deadlines. Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship Application: January 6, 2015 @ 3:00 pm

QUESTIONS?  Contact Alison Heyde, the Northern Indiana Community Foundation scholarship coordinator at 574-223-2227 or toll free at 877-432-6423 or alison@nicf.org.

Fulton County Community Foundation Endowment Scholarships
Applications available by November 2014.

The Fulton County Community Foundation supports more than 160 Fulton County college students last year with over $145,000 in scholarship dollars.

High school seniors and college student who meet individualize criteria for each scholarship are awarded these scholarship that were established by donors who care about fulton County students.

Online applications will be available by December of 2014, with a March 2015 deadline.

Fulton County Scholarships:

Akron Las Donas Marcus Hackworth & Scott Sechrist Memorial Scholarship - Graduating seniors of Tippecanoe Valley High School attending an accredited college or university, trade or vocational school with an 8.0 GPA and participation in a sports.
Dean and Dixie Arven Memorial Scholarship - Graduating seniors of Rochester or Caston High School and residents of Fulton County.
Paul and Dorothy Arven Memorial Scholarship - Fulton County residents pursing a degree in nursing or agriculture.
Elizabeth V. Babcock Scholarship - Supports graduates of Rochester High School.
Back Home Again in Indiana- 
Jim Barkman Memorial Scholarship - Students graduating from Rochester High School, who attended Riddle Elementary School.
Brent L. Blacketor Memorial Scholarship - Students who are graduates of Rochester High School.
Caston High School Scholarship- students graduating from Caston High School attending an accredited college, university, trade or vocational school
 The W.D. Cumberland 4-H Scholarship - Sstudents graduating from Rochester, Tippecanoe Valley, Caston or Winamac High Schools involved in 4-H as a 9 to 10 year 4-H Member; and a 4 year Beef Member, a 4 year Livestock Member or 4 year Jr. Leader.
The Simon Deeb Scholarship - Provides agricultural educational scholarships to Rochester High School graduating seniors.
Amanda Drudge Memorial Scholarship - North Miami, Rochester, and Tippecanoe Valley High Schools, home or private school students in the Fulton or Miami County area. Financial Need with 1st priority given to students pursuing a degree in the field of Christian ministry. 2nd priority given those pursuing a degree in the field of nursing, education, or social services.
Joan Ruth Ewing Scholarship - Students seeking a degree in education, with particular attention being given to graduating seniors of Rochester High School.
RB Fear Agricultural Scholarship - For needy and deserving students who are residents of Fulton County, attending Purdue University, with preference given to those pursuing agricultural studies.
Frounfelter Scholarship- Graduating seniors of Rochester High School in the top 20% of thier class, attending a college, university or trade school.
Fulton County 4Community Higher Education Scholarship - For GED students moving to the next level of education.
Fulton County Youth Endowment- Graduates of any Fulton County High School and pursuing a career working with youth and children.
Earl Gaerte - Blacktop Cruisers Scholarship - Residents of Fulton County pursuing a career in an automotive field with preference to engine building.
The Melissa Hoffman Gamel Scholarship - Students graduating from Rochester High School and interested in the study of science and technology
Jayne Ann Good Memorial Scholarship - Graduating Female Seniors of Rochester High School. Preference given to students who have participated in a high school sport and plan to attend an accredited college, university, or trade school.
Roy Haggerty Memorial Scholarship - Fulton County residents attending Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, or one of the regional campuses as full time students.
The Elmer & Beulah Harris Scholarship - Students who reside in Union Township in , Fulton County.
Franklin and Jane Heisler and David Heisler Memorial Scholarship - Graduating Seniors of Rochester and Tippecanoe Valley High Schools, residents of Fulton County planning to attend an accredited college, university, trade or vocational school in Indiana including online programs/studies.
Phyllis Onstott Arone Heminger Memorial Scholarship - Fulton County residents who graduated from Rochester High School studying communications.
Patricia Kumler Hoover Nursing Scholarship - Graduating seniors from Tippecanoe Valley H.S. enrolled in an accredited state nursing program. Preference will be given to applicants pursuing an RN Degree.
Mark Howdeshell Memorial Scholarship- Resident of Fulton County attending a 4 year Indiana college or university. Considered are 1st Generation College Students. Preferenceto students who plan to study engineering or a medical field.
Kewanna Schools Memorial Scholarship - Particular attention given to students who graduate from Caston High School, Rochester High School, or Winamac High School.
Angele J. Kochenderfer Memorial Scholarship - For hearing impaired students graduating from Rochester High School and are majoring in education for the hearing impaired and in need of financial assistance.
Steven Bruce Mattice Memorial Scholarship - Caston High School graduating seniors deserving of financial assistance.
Colleen May Memorial Scholarship - Caston High School graduates pursuing a degree in the field of elementary education with preference given to students who participated in golf during their high school career.
Jayson McCalla Memorial - Fulton County residents who are graduating high school senior students likely to succeed at any two, three, or four year accredited college, university or trade school in the state of Indiana. Participation in baseball is given some preference.
David Ewing McCarter Athletic Scholarship - Graduating seniors from Rochester High School and have participated in a minimum of two sports for four years during their high school career.
Coach John Robert McKee Memorial Scholarship - Students graduating from Rochester High School who have participated in any RHS football or Wrestling Programs.
The Harold E. & Neva Funk Mikesell Scholarship- For eligible students residing in all five townships of Fulton County, Indiana
Ginger Miller Higher Education Scholarship - Qualified college graduates pursuing further graduate or professional schooling, who are residents of Fulton County, Indiana.
John Nelson Memorial Scholarship- Students residing in Aubbeenaubbee and Rochester Township and graduating from Culver High School or Rochester High School.
Carl, Betty, and Phillip Newcomer Memorial Scholarship - Graduating seniors of Rochester Community High School pursuing a degree in an art or art-related field.
One Community Scholarship - Scholarships for Caston High School graduates. Celebrating diversity of all kinds.
Nick Patterson Memorial Scholarship - Current graduates of Rochester High School who have participated in and competed in 1 varsity sport their senior year.
Greg Peter Memorial Fund - Graduating Seniors and past graduates of Rochester High School and resident of Fulton County pursing a degree in the arts and/or HVAC education.
Joseph and Virginia Quick Scholarship - Particular attention will be given to students who are a graduate of Rochester High School or Plymouth High School, Indiana.
Frederick Rakestraw Law Scholarship - College students pursuing a Degree in Law, who were residents of Fulton County Indiana for at least three (3) years during his/her high school career (Grades 9-12) who have been accepted into a graduate school program and are enrolled in any School of Law in the United States
Rochester Firefighters' Memorial Scholarship - Scholarships for Rochester High School graduates. Special consideration given if a child of an individual who has been a “Public Service Employee” for 1 or more years.
Rochester High School Scholarship Endowment - Scholarships for selected Rochester High School Graduates
Nelson W. Sadler Memorial Ag Scholarship - Students graduating from Rochester, Caston and Pioneer High School, pursing an education in an agricultural related field.
George M. Schwenk Memorial Scholarship - Students graduating from Rochester High School who are pursuing a career in the field of agriculture or agriculture related field and who are deserving of financial assistance.
Lawrence J. & Violet M. Seiwert Scholarship - Students graduating from Rochester High School deserving of financial assistance.
Dr. Russell L. and Pauline Whittenberger Sparks Memorial Scholarship - Scholarship to be awarded to an outstanding member of the graduating class of RHS.
Union Township Scholarship - Scholarships to Union Township residents who have resided in the township continuously for a minimum of two years.
Howard M. Utter and Helen Pike Utter Scholarship - Scholarships to qualified students residing in Indiana. Preference to those whose parents work at Pike Lumber Company.
Arlene Webb Cosmetology Scholarship - Residents of Fulton County pursuing a degree in the field of cosmetology.
Zelma Crabil-Helen Barkman Wilson and Carl Wilson Memorial Scholarship - Students graduating from Rochester High School .