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Early Years are Learning Years

Fulton County is honoring young children and recognizing the importance of an early education by hosting a Fulton County Preschool Fair.

To recognize the growing demand for early childhood education, the Fulton County Preschool Fair will be held on Tuesday, July 26, from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at the Rochester City Park at the large pavilion by the basketball courts. This event will be free of charge and will offer snacks, games and activities for young children.

“All young children need and deserve high-quality early learning experiences that will prepare them for life,” said Brian Johnson, Director of Development at the Fulton County Community Foundation, who is hosting the event along with local schools and preschools.

Young children and their families depend on high-quality education and care, which help children get a great start and could potentially bring lasting benefits to Fulton County.

“Young children are the future of our community, and there are many ways that we can come together to support them. This is why we hope that you will join us at the 2016 Fulton County Preschool Fair,” says Johnson. " We hope that you will join us in working to build a strong foundation for the education, literacy, and health of the young children in our community.”

Everyone is encouraged to attend. For more information, contact Johnson at or by calling 574-224-3223.

Liberty Township Park and Fulton County Youth Leadership Academy Receive Community Fund Grants

Brian Johnson, FCCF Director of Development with Jim Finke, volunteer with the Fulton Softball Program.

Grants totaling $7,825 were awarded to programs that encourage women’s athletics in Fulton County and help build future leaders. These grants are made possible thanks to Community Support Grants awarded through the Fulton County Community Foundation (FCCF).

Fulton Softball Program asked for funding to upgrade their field and facilities to improve safety and to bring the ball field within compliance of current softball rules.

Located at Liberty Township Park, girls come from Fulton, Kewanna, Twelve Mile and Macy to participate in the Fulton Softball program. This softball field is also used by the Fulton Jr. High softball team.

With this $6,825 grant, the softball program will enlarge the dugouts and bring them up to current safety standards. Funds will also be used to replace an aging fence.

A $1,000 grant was also awarded to the Fulton County Youth Leadership Academy for programming expenses.

The Fulton County Youth Leadership Academy was developed in 2007 as a project of the Fulton County Leadership Academy. Participation in the program begins in the junior year of high school and is limited to twenty Fulton County students each year.

This program is designed to stimulate, develop, promote, and mentor future community leaders. Along with community mentors, students learn self-awareness, team building, personal and civic responsibility, community awareness, local government functions, and other leadership skills.

With this second round of grantmaking from the FCCF, over $10,000 has been awarded from Fulton County Community Funds in 2016. The application has no deadline, and is open to all charitable organizations. Grant dollars are available for programs that support Fulton County residents.

Grants are made possible through FCCF Community Funds. These are the same funds that benefited from a successful Lilly Endowment matching challenge, where donations of $500,000 were matched dollar for dollar. These endowed Community Funds will continue to grow and support community projects now and forever.

For more information visit, contact Brian Johnson at 224-3223, or Associate Director of the Northern Indiana Community Foundation, Corinne Becknell Lucas at 223-2227.

Welcome to the Fulton County Community Foundation
Fulton County is a wonderful agricultural community. Its population is one of hardworking people who are eager to make their community the best in the state. 

Since 1993, Fulton County Community Foundation has brought caring people and charitable endeavors together for the good of this great community. The Community Foundation gives donors flexible and tax-effective ways to ensure their charitable giving. We work to build substantial endowment funds for our community through contributions large and small.

Fulton County Community Foundation is proud to be a part of the Northern Indiana Community Foundation (NICF). The NICF allows us to maximize our investment benefits and be more cost efficient. This way Fulton County donations can do more—right here in Fulton County.

So far, Fulton County Community Foundation has dispersed nearly 10 million dollars in grants and scholarships. Currently the Community Foundation holds over $12.8 million in assets and administers over 160 funds.