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Give Your Heart to Your Community
A sweetheart of a gift that lasts forever.

Vicki Harrold, Brian Johnson and Stephania Barkman singing at the Aubbeenaubbee Library

On February 13, the Fulton County Community Foundation raised over $6,670 during "Give Your Heart to Your Community" Valentine’s Day event.  The Fulton County Community Foundation, along with RTC Communications, and WROI Radio sponsored the 17th annual fundraiser that supports the Fulton County community.

The event offered donors a chance to make a contribution to a fund of their choice and send their Valentine a gift not soon to be forgotten. Gifts ranged from a song dedication on WROI Radio, to a singing telegram and long stem rose personally delivered by groups of singers, to a Palentine displayed on RTC Communications Channel 5 and Facebook.

Guest DJs Larry Cunningham and Linda Leasure joined Baron von Imhoof on WROI Radio for the radio program. There were 41 dedications that hit the airwaves along with information about the Community Foundation and the matching incentive that is currently being offered through the Foundation from the Lilly Endowment. During this "love fest" nearly $5,000 was raised for the matching program.

Palentine greetings were sent out to the community on RTC Communications Channel 5 and the Community Foundation’s Facebook page. There were 11 adorable cats and dogs featured, all looking for their "forever friends" and waiting to be adopted from the Fulton County Animal Center. One of the highlights of the day is the singing telegrams, and 50 greetings of love were delivered by local musicians and singers.

Brian Johnson, Director of Development for Fulton County said, "It’s an amazing day that is a favorite among young and old alike. There were 62 lucky Valentines who gave their heart to their community this year, and that gift continues to grow now and forever."

Welcome to the Fulton County Community Foundation
Fulton County is a wonderful agricultural community. Its population is one of hardworking people who are eager to make their community the best in the state. 

Since 1993, Fulton County Community Foundation has brought caring people and charitable endeavors together for the good of this great community. The Community Foundation gives donors flexible and tax-effective ways to ensure their charitable giving. We work to build substantial endowment funds for our community through contributions large and small.

Fulton County Community Foundation is proud to be a part of the Northern Indiana Community Foundation (NICF). The NICF allows us to maximize our investment benefits and be more cost efficient. This way Fulton County donations can do more—right here in Fulton County.

So far, Fulton County Community Foundation has dispersed nearly 10 million dollars in grants and scholarships. Currently the Community Foundation holds over $12.8 million in assets and administers over 160 funds.