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Grant Opportunities for 2015

Kewanna-Union Township Grant and Fulton County Women's Giving Circle Grants
Deadline May 1, 2015
Kewanna Food Pantry the 2013 recipient of the Kewanna Union Township Grant in 2013: Jenny Kay, Beth Weller, Brian Johnson, Florence Baldwin, Jeff Finke, Rev. Todd Wilson, Jay Albright and Virginia Agnew.

The Fulton County Community Foundation (FCCF) is offering two spring grant opportunities for the county at large and for the Kewanna-Union Township area of the county.

This is the firth year that the Fulton County Women’s Giving Circle will be accepting grant applications. The Circle is made up of nearly 100 local women, who pool their resources in order to support organizations and programs that benefit Fulton County. The mission of the Women’s Giving Circle is to inspire Fulton County women to create a better community.

Amounts granted can be from $800 - $2,400 and are awarded to several organizations. The Giving Circle application deadline is Friday May 1, 2015.

This is the third year for the Kewanna-Union Township Grant opportunity. Grants support charitable programs and projects within the Kewanna-Union Township community. Local businesses, residents and supporters of Kewanna-Union Township continue to contribute funds to make these grants possible.

There is $2,500 available to grant. Grants are for people, clubs and organizations that want to do good things for the people of the Kewanna-Union Township area. The deadline is also Friday May 1, 2015.

Applications for both of these grant opportunities can be found below. Contact Corinne Becknell Lucas, Program/Communications Director of the Northern Indiana Community Foundation to discuss granting options and project ideas toll free at 877-432-6423 or email

Download the applications. Kewanna-Union Township Grant Application Kewanna-Union Township Grant Application Women's Giving Circle Grant App Women's Giving Circle Grant App

Community Foundation Awards over $142,000 to Fulton County

Craig Durkes, Bill Schuster, Anthony Newcomer, Heather Shriver, Lisa Fear, Kris Fear, John Weida with the Akron Youth League.

The Fulton County Community Foundation (FCCF) celebrated with donors and charitable organizations at a fund founder celebration and grant reception held Thursday, November 13, 2014 at Akron Community Center in Akron.

Brian Johnson, Director of Development for the FCCF, along with Evan Gottschalk, FCCF Board President and Jay Albright, Executive Director of the Northern Indiana Community Foundation presented sixteen charitable organizations with over $142,000 in grants to benefit all of Fulton County.

Recreational projects received the largest portion of the annual grants. Akron Youth League was awarded $33,000 to make upgrades to their baseball and softball fields. This includes batting cages, new dugouts and bleachers renovations. The Nickel Plate Trail received a grant of $50,000 to continue the trail head and visitor center project which includes relocating the 1892 Erie Rail passenger depot to the southwest corner of the intersection of the Nickel Plate Railroad line and East 9th Street in Rochester. The first phase of the Nickel Plate move is projected to begin in 2015. This is continuation of a $50,000 grant allocated in 2013.

Dot and David Smook, Terry Moore with United Ministries and Salvation Army Major, Gerald Smelser.

Other recreational projects that received funding were: Rochester Girls Softball League - $10,000 for pavilions for the ball field; Woodlawn Foundation - $6,000 to provide safety lights for their walking trail; and Kewanna H.E.A.R.T. received $5,000 for the 2015 Fall Festival.

Education was awarded funding through the Preschool Scholarship Program - $5,000; Jr. Achievement’s Finance Park program $1,000 and $400 for Grant Station a grant research program for the Fulton County Public Library.

Community Development saw grants of $6,600 for the Fulton Community Center for security cameras; Friends of the Fulton County Library $500 for new signs for The Arboretum. The arts were also recognized with an award of $500 for the Fulton County Choral Club to purchase music. Those in need in Fulton County will be assisted with grants of $8,000 to the United Ministries Outreach Program and $1,500 to the Salvation Army.

Karen Drone of the Akron Area Arts League, Bill Walsh with the Fulton County Parks and Laurie Paulik with Council on Aging..

New for 2014 was the creation of a Sustainability Award. The Akron Area Arts League,
Fulton County Council on Aging and Fulton County Park Board each received a $5,000 endowment fund to benefit their organizations for the future. The competitive award was given to Fulton County nonprofits demonstrating leadership, management, programming, and a desire to encourage donations to their own permanent endowment fund.

The evening concluded with Evan Gottschalk speaking about the GIFT VI match incentive offered to the Community Foundation through the Lilly Endowment, Inc. Now through March 2016, all gifts made to Community Unrestricted Funds will be matched $1 for $1 up to $500,000. Grants awarded during the evening program were derived from Community Unrestricted Dollars, and when the match is achieved, it will lead to an additional $40,000 annually in community grantmaking dollars.



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