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Fulton County Community Foundation Announces 2017 Grant Opportunities

Fulton County Community Foundation Grant packet.

Fulton County Community Foundation Grant packet.

The Fulton County Community Foundation (FCCF) is again offering many granting opportunities for charitable organizations in 2017. Applications are available online or at the FCCF office at 715 Main Street in Rochester. Applications have no deadline and applications may be submitted throughout the year.

No deadlines for Sustainability, Impact and Community Support Grants

In an effort to be make grant dollars more accessible to community projects, the Community Foundation has no deadline for many of their applications.  Those seeking grant dollars for Sustainability, Impact, or Community Grants may submit applications at any time.

The applications can be found in the Fulton County Community Foundation Grant packet.

A “Sustainability Award” is an opportunity to reward organizations that have the foresight to plan for the future. A $5,000 endowment grant will be awarded competitively to Fulton County nonprofits demonstrating leadership, management, programming, and a desire to encourage donations to their own permanent endowment fund.

Impact Grants are for organizations seeking funds to support a large project up to $40,000.

This grant is designed to support organizations that are planning a new project or program, or looking to expand their services. Charitable organizations that are interested in applying for an Impact Grant must first submit a Letter of Intent.

Also available are Community Support Grants, which assist organizations seeking grants in the range of several hundred to several thousand dollars. These grants are designed to be awarded to many organizations and provide support throughout the community.

“By removing the deadlines from our many of our applications, we have been able to get grant dollars where they are needed and when they are needed most,” said Brian Johnson, FCCF Director of Development. “This new system of granting has served our community well and we look forward to another year of making meaningful grant awards,” Johnson added.

Contact Corinne Becknell Lucas, Associate Director of the Northern Indiana Community Foundation at 574-223-2227, toll free at 877-432-6423 by email, or Brian Johnson, FCCF Director of Development at 574-224-3223, or to discuss granting options and project ideas.