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$155,050 in FCCF Grants!

The Manitou Training Center received an Impact Grant of $38,725
Matthew’s Market of Rochester was also awarded an Impact Grant of $35,000
Evan Gottscholk presents a check to United Way of Fulton County's Jenny Moriarty.
Kewanna-Union Township Public Library received a sustainability award and grant for a PA.
Eta Mu Chapter of Psi Iota Xi received a $1,000 grant for its Downtown Art Banner Contest.
The Fulton Softball Program received $6,825 to upgrade its field and facilities.
The Fulton County Animal Shelter received a $5,000 grant for their Trap-Neuter-Return program.
Fulton County Chamber of Commerce received $4,000 to purchase a new software system and technology tools.

Fulton County Community Foundation (FCCF) awarded $155,050 in 2016 to seventeen charitable organizations to improve the quality of life in Fulton County.

Fulton County Pack A Back Pack was honored with a Sustainability Award of $5,000 to help them fulfill their charitable mission. This organization provides school supplies and backpacks to children who cannot otherwise afford them. The $5,000 award consists of the creation of a fund with the NICF that will benefit the program forever.

The Akron Youth League is another worthy organization in Fulton County. With the involvement of parents, the Akron Youth League helps players learn basic skills, good sportsmanship, leadership, and teamwork. The organization received $4,000 for new sod for the baseball field.

Another grant was awarded to help improve recreational areas in Akron. The Akron Parks and Recreation Board was awarded $3,000 for the new Disc Golf Course at Cutshall Park. The grant will help with various needs, such as signs and other materials.

The Fulton County Council on Aging offers meals, transportation, and programs and activities to seniors of Fulton County. This growing organization has increasingly needed better vans for its transportation needs. The FCCF contributed $8,000 that is eligible for a matching opportunity in order to assist with the purchase of a van.

The Fulton County Promise program is an initiative of a variety of activities for youth and families to build hope for their future and to encourage a college-going culture. The families of students in kindergarten through sixth grade are encouraged to establish a College Choice 529 Savings Plan in order to prepare for the child’s future. The FCCF granted $10,000 for the college saving plan match program.

The FCCF also supported the long-term education of Fulton County students by allocating $5,000 toward the Preschool Scholarship Program. This program provides preschool scholarships for children who couldn’t otherwise afford a preschool education.

The FCCF is funding the Rochester Main Street Tree Planting Project with a grant of $14,500. Rochester has a legally designated city tree board that has been in existence for at least twenty years. The group has the responsibility of planting and maintaining city trees. The Project seeks to plant 75 flowering trees on the lawn along both sides of Main Street.

$3,000 was allocated to Grace United Methodist Church to help with the costs of their free meal program, which serves over 150 local residents. The project began in February 2012 in order to provide a free meal once a week to local residents in need. The money will help with costs of food, paper products, and cleaning supplies.

The Kewanna-Union Township Public Library was awarded $1,250 for a sound system in the Performing Arts Room. The room is used for presentations, performances, and other activities. Adding a new sound system will enable the library to play a variety of recorded mediums. This upgrade will enhance the services the library provides for the public.

Additionally, the Kewanna-Union Township Public Library was also awarded a $5,000 Sustainability Award from the Northern Indiana Community Foundation (NICF), of which the FCCF is a fund affiliate. The award consists of the creation of an endowment fund. An endowment is a permanent fund, the principal of which is never touched, but the earnings from which can be used by the charitable organization. An endowment fund is a permanent, steady, and secure source of income. The award helps organizations begin the path of sustainability.

The Manitou Training Center received an Impact Grant of $38,725 to help them lower the ceilings and upgrade the lighting in the workshop and consumer breakroom of their facility. These updates are important to best serve the Center’s clients.

The mission of the Manitou Training Center is “to train, educate and advocate,” and “to empower families and individuals to reach their potential.” The Training Center focuses on serving both children and adults with disabilities through community volunteering, meaningful activities in both the community and the Center’s facilities, and by helping families at home.

Matthew’s Market of Rochester was also awarded an Impact Grant of $35,000 to help the organization purchase a refrigerated truck and to expand the services that they offer. The mission of Matthew’s Market is “to provide food, education, and spiritual support to low income families in Rochester and the surrounding communities, demonstrating the love of Christ to all.”

The refrigerated truck will allow them to collect and distribute additional food donations that require refrigerated transport. The organization will also be working with other area pantries by helping them to build their capacity and to provide improved services to the clients they serve.

The Fulton Softball Program received $6,825 to upgrade its field and facilities. The Fulton softball field at the Liberty Township Park was developed in 1998, and its usage has increased tremendously. The upgrades will enlarge the dugouts to seat more players and will bring the field within compliance of current safety standards.

The Fulton County Animal Shelter received a $5,000 grant from the FCCF to help with their Trap-Neuter-Return program, which will allow community members who are caring for outdoor cats to get them spayed/neutered. The Animal Shelter provides a safe haven for abused, unwanted, and homeless pets. It also provides information about responsible pet ownership.

Fulton County United Way is the recipient of a $4,750 grant to help purchase a software system and computer that will assist in tracking the organization’s campaign. The mission of Fulton County United Way is “to improve the quality of life in Fulton County by helping to gather and efficiently distribute resources.”

The Fulton County Chamber of Commerce was selected to receive $4,000 to purchase a new software system and technology tools. The new software will provide a more efficient, effective, and professional experience. The Fulton County Chamber of Commerce seeks to “foster economic development and build community strength within Fulton County.”

Fulton County Youth Leadership has also been selected as a FCCF grant recipient. The organization received a $1,000 grant to assist with its graduation ceremony expenses for students in the Fulton County Youth Leadership Academy. The Academy was developed in 2007.

Additionally, the Eta Mu Chapter of Psi Iota Xi received a $1,000 grant for its Downtown Art Banner Contest for students in Rochester, Caston, and Tippecanoe Valley Schools. Winning entries will be reproduced as banners for display in the downtown area of Rochester. For forty-seven years, the philanthropic focus of the organization has been primarily in the areas of music, art, literature, and speech and hearing.

The FCCF is excited to see the impact that these grant dollars will have on the communities of Fulton County through these worthy organizations.

In an effort to make grant dollars more accessible to community projects, the FCCF has decided to remove deadlines from many of their applications.

Grants are made possible through FCCF Community Funds. These are the same funds that benefited from a successful Lilly Endowment, Inc. matching challenge, where donations of $500,000 were matched dollar for dollar. These endowed Community Funds will continue to grow and support community projects now and forever.

For more information, contact Brian Johnson, Director of Development for the Fulton County Community Foundation, at 574-224-3223 or e-mail

The Fulton County Community Foundation is an affiliate of the Northern Indiana Community Foundation, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) public trust. The mission of the Community Foundation is to improve the quality of lives in our communities by assisting donors in fulfilling their charitable wishes. We do this by building endowment funds for our communities with contributions, both large and small.

Fulton County Youth Leadership received a $1,000 grant.